Extreme complexity

Nordic is geared towards taking complete responsibility for projects with extreme complexity and high demands on logistics and efficiency.

What we do

Over the years, we have gained extensive expertise through a wide variety of projects ranging from urban masterplans to furniture and interior fittings.

We work in integrated multidisciplinary teams, combining planning specialists with architects, to achieve the most innovative and sustainable solutions. This way of working also makes for a flexible, project based organisation that allows us to participate in competitions and projects of all scales globally.

Nordic covers the following fields:

  • Masterplanning
  • Urban planning
  • Architectural design
  • Interior, furniture and product design
  • Visualisation, VR/AR and film
  • Design management
  • BIM management
Our Expertise

Airport planning and design

The expansion of Oslo International Airport was the first terminal building in the world to achieve an BREEAM Excellent rating. It stands as a testimony to one of Nordic's core fields of expertise: airport design. Master planning and executing major airport hubs and smaller terminals alike, we always design for functionality and long term flexibility, creating flow and effective logistics.

Bergen Airport
Istanbul Airport

Hospital planning and design

Designing hospitals and health facilities from a user’s perspective has helped us develop a deep insight into the unique challenges and possibilities this presents. Our health sector specialists are currently involved in several hospital and health facility projects in Norway, Denmark and the UK.

Carpe Diem Dementia Village
Knowledge Centre, St. Olav's Hospital
LHL Gardermoen


A considered masterplan is a crucial foundation for any building project. Our planners will analyse the site, gain an understanding of the task at hand and plan accordingly to make sure the road infrastructure, public transport links, green areas, buildings and services all fit together before putting a shovel in the ground. Currently we are involved in many significant town, city, area and airport plans.

Laksevåg District Plan

Education environments

Somehow it feels like an honour to build a school. To build something that will have a defining power over generations to come is not a task to be taken lightly. Our Learning Group has worked with everything from nurseries to higher education institutions, and has gained extensive insight and experience in building for different types of learning.

Voss High School

Urban planning and residential design

A home is not simply a building just as a neighbourhood is not a collection of streets. In a way, you can say that a home is everything that is not a building, so whether we're designing entire communities or private houses, our attitude is always the same: let's make a place where people can actually live.

Bragernes Urban Plan
Drangsvann Residential Area

Workplace design

Our Working group specialises in creating effective and inspiring work spaces, tailor-made to the client's needs. Our solutions are always appropriate, durable and stimulating.

Government Quarter Oslo
Government Quarter Oslo

Interior, furniture and product design

Nordic develops complete interior solutions with room layouts, detailing and colour and material schemes. We also design bespoke furniture, products and signage, and handpick furnishings and textiles.

Interior architecture and industrial design can be integrated as part of an assignment or offered as a stand-alone service.

Nordic Head Office
Bergen Airport - bespoke furniture


Nordic always designs for the long run. Given our track record of solving complex architectural challenges, we have also accumulated knowledge and competence in what makes a project truly sustainable and not just "greenwashed".

Visual Group

Nordic’s internal production team for visualisation consists of architects who specialise in the creation of immersive digital imagery. In addition to 3D modelling and visualisation, they also deliver a range of services such as 3D-printing, animations, VR models, audio-visual presentations and graphic design.


Nordic is at the forefront of the BIM industry, promoting innovation in the field through extensive research, and technical expertise gathered through our vast experience of complex projects. Our architects are experienced in Revit and use BIM on a daily basis.

Design management

Nordic is one of the few architectural practices able to provide clients with design management for fully integrated multidisciplinary teams.