Asker Dynamo Offices

Project information

  1. Location Asker‚ Norway
  2. Area18.000 m²
  3. Construction cost500 mill NOK

Project details

  1. Year2014 — 2018
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Client Oxer Eiendom
  4. Enquiries John Arne Bjerknes
  5. Scope Workplace design

Office with a view

Asker Dynamo is situated on the main road into Oslo from Drammen, and will offer office space for 1.000 people over eight floors, complete with cafeteria, coffee shop, fitness centre and a roof terrace with stunning views over the Oslo fjord and the surrounding landscape.

Challenging constraints

The existing buildings adjacent to the site presented a challenge in designing a building that offers light and air to its tenants, at the same time as being functional and logistically efficient. 

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Intelligent design

The solution was to organise the building around a central atrium and hub, in which all shared functions such as the main entrance, cafeteria and coffee shop are located. Parking facilites are provided underground, allowing the outdoor spaces to be turned into informal meeting places with greenery and bespoke furniture.