Sørlandet Hospital Psychiatric Unit

Project information

  1. Location Kristiansand, Norway
  2. Area12.500 m²
  3. Construction cost765 mill NOK

Project details

  1. Year2013 — 2016
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Client Sørlandssykehuset Hf
  4. Enquiries Hanne Hemsen
  5. Scope Hospital and health care planning and design

A place by the woods

Nordic carried out the concept phase for the psychiatric unit at Sørlandet Hospital in Kristiansand. The site is located in a hilly area just south of the current hospital, facing northeast towards Baneheia woods.

Three floating modules

An elongated brick plinth carries two seemingly floating building modules clad in timber. The plinth contains general facilities and out-patient services, and utilises the varying terrain to provide shielded access to the different entrances. Each of the timber modules are organised as two ward units per floor around a common courtyard garden with direct access to the woods towards the west.

Functional and empathetic layout

Bedrooms are situated along the module's elevations, while common rooms and other facilities are located in the central zone. This provides optimal functionality and flexibility while offering an extensive range of interaction opportunities in various protected environments.

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