Joining forces with Arkthing

After successfully collaborating on several projects in the last four years, Arkthing of Reykjavik and Nordic — Office of Architecture of Oslo have decided to join forces to further strengthen their presence both in their home market of Scandinavia and internationally. Nordic has acquired 100% of the shares in Arkthing.

“To meet new challenges in a market with large, international competitors, there is a need to consolidate, to join forces, to be able to compete for the most exciting projects,” says Eskild Andersen, CEO of Nordic. “Now that Arkthing has joined us we will have over 220 employees across four countries, designing outstanding architecture. Together we will be well equipped to handle the increasingly demanding and competitive market in the years to come,” Andersen continues.

“Our two leading architectural practices already share the belief of the importance of staying on top of the rapid technological advances within architecture. By joining forces we will be able to be at the forefront of the development.”

Working together on projects like Keflavik Airport has brought the two companies together and revealed the great potential for an even tighter collaboration. Both Nordic and Arkthing have built up a lasting culture for quality and excellence in architecture over the course of forty years. The two companies share the core values of transparency, a commitment to society and clients alike, and both have extensive experience through a wide range of projects.

Both Nordic and Arkthing see a huge potential in their respective local markets in the years to come and the new consolidation will open up even more opportunities for both practices.

Sigurdur Hallgrimsson, founding partner at Arkthing, is very happy to join Nordic in future endeavours. “We see this as a fantastic opportunity to together become a strong unit in the Scandinavian market, able to take on the most exciting projects. With the rapid changes within the architecture business, we see the need to be at the forefront of technology development and specialist expertise. With Nordic we are able to take that step towards the future.”

The architects behind the merger are very excited about their new possibilities. “Together we strengthen our position as a major Scandinavian player on the architecture scene,” says a very pleased Andersen.

Twenty new colleagues

We welcome our new colleagues to the team and are excited to continue our collaboration in the Scandinavian market and beyond.

Nordic & Arkthing projects

Keflavik Airport

Elliðabraut residential area in Reykjavik