What we do

We help our clients to realise their project in the best possible way. We take complex challenges and create order, flow and aesthetically pleasing designs that bring value to our clients, the end users and society as a whole.

Our design philosophy is focused on delivering solutions that transform complex problems to simplicity in form and function, whilst addressing a holistic awareness to context and the human dimension.

We have gained extensive expertise through a wide variety of projects over the years, ranging from large-scale urban masterplans to furniture design for interior fitouts.

Related expertise

  • Simulation (SIM)
  • Visualisation (VIZ)
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  1. The Greenlandic House

    Culture,  Aarhus Denmark,  2015-2020
  2. Gentofte Hall

    Culture,  Gentofte Denmark,  2015-2019
  3. Hafjell 950

    Hospitality,  Hafjell Norway,  2022→
  4. Søhøjskolen

    Education,  Ølstykke Denmark,  2020-2024
  5. Police Headquarters Laksevåg

    Office & Commercial,  Bergen Norway,  2023
  6. Grenseveien 107

    Office & Commercial,  Oslo Norway,  2021→
  7. Oslo Emergency Clinic

    Healthcare,  Oslo Norway,  2017-2023
  8. Baggage Factory West, CPH Airport

    Infrastructure & Aviation,  Kastrup Denmark,  2018-2021
  9. Kobbelvænget

    Residential,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2020-2023
  10. Grieg Academy

    Education,  Bergen Norway,  2022→
  11. Laksevåg District - Detailed Zoning Plan

    Residential,  Bergen Norway,  2021→
  12. Midtbygda Treatment Centre

    Healthcare,  Åsane Bergen,  2021-2026
  13. Møllergata 24

    Office & Commercial,  Oslo Norway,  2022→
  14. Åsaheimen Nursing Home

    Healthcare,  Åsane Bergen,  2018-2022
  15. Sct. Joseph

    Healthcare,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2016-2020
  16. Hill Houses in Lisbjerg

    Residential,  Aarhus Denmark,  2015-2017
  17. Keflavik Airport Terminal Expansion

    Infrastructure & Aviation,  Reykjavik Iceland,  2020→
  18. New Government Quarter

    Office & Commercial,  Oslo Norway,  2017→
  19. Skæring Bæk Housing

    Residential,  Aarhus Denmark,  2017-2020
  20. Grófarhús

    Culture,  Reykjavik Iceland,  2022
  21. Gilleleje Culture House

    Culture,  Gilleleje Denmark,  2013-2016
  22. Terrace House

    Residential,  Aarhus Denmark,  2018-2020
  23. Mjølnerparken & Hothers Plads

    Residential,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2011-2024
  24. Generationernes Frederiksberg

    Senior Living,  Frederiksberg Denmark,  2018-2023
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