A school is not only about the academic experience. It is also an essential social environment that affects how friendships are formed and how students, teachers and parents communicate, both in and out of the classroom.

We ensure that our school projects are flexible and future-proofed to keep pace with an evolving educational paradigm, that both indoor and outdoor environments are stimulating and healthy, and that our clients’ sustainability goals are met or exceeded. Over the years, we have gained extensive insight and experience, working with everything from daycare to higher education institutions. These insights help us to understand the important role that schools have in our society.

Related expertise

  • Education environments
  • Workplace design
  • Interior design
  • Furniture design
  • Design management
  • Logistical planning
  • Social sustainability

  1. Duevej Primary School

    Education,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2015-2017
  2. Savannen Nursery

    Education,  Skibby Denmark,  2017-2019
  3. Blaagaard Children's House

    Education,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2019-2021
  4. Christianshavn School

    Education,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2014-2019
  5. Arenakvarteret School

    Education,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2019-2023
  6. Søhøjskolen

    Education,  Ølstykke Denmark,  2020-2024
  7. Gentofte College

    Education,  Gentofte Denmark,  2015-2019
  8. Skovlyskolen

    Education,  2016-2019
  9. Vilhelmsro School

    Education,  Fredensborg Denmark,  2010-2014
  10. Jetsmark School Centre

    Education,  Jammerbugt Municipality,  2019-2022
  11. University College of Northern Denmark

    Education,  Aalborg Denmark,  2024-2014
  12. Vesterkærets School

    Education,  Aalborg Denmark,  2015-2017
  13. University College Copenhagen, Carlsberg Campus

    Education,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2012-2017
  14. Haugesund public bath and culture school

    Education,  Haugesund Norway,  2023→
  15. Glostrup Children's House

    Education,  Glostrup,  2020-2023
  16. KU Science

    Education,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2016-2019
  17. Grieg Academy

    Education,  Bergen Norway,  2022→
  18. Haraldsvang Secondary School

    Education,  Haugesund Norway,  2022
  19. Skovlunde Daycare Centre

    Education,  Skovlunde Denmark,  2017-2018
  20. Eikeli High School

    Education,  Bærum Norway,  2019-2022
  21. Sjetne School

    Education,  Trondheim Norway,  2016-2018
  22. Voss High School

    Education,  Voss Norway,  2014-2016
  23. Landøya Secondary School

    Education,  Asker Norway,  2015
  24. Holmenveien Nursery

    Education,  Oslo Norway,  2013-2015
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