Haugesund public bath and culture school

Project information

  1. Location Haugesund, Norway
  2. Area7.500 m²
  3. Construction cost550 mill NOK

Project details

  1. Year2023 — ongoing
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Partners Norconsult
  4. Client Haugesund municipality
  5. Enquiries Hossam Gadalla

The place to meet

The Haugesund public bath and cultural school project, marks a major investment in the new Flotmyr district, central in Haugesund. The building will hold a comprehensive range of facilities, including a cultural school and diverse swimming pools catering to sport, recreation, and wellness. A café at ground level will further manifest the building as one of the most important meeting places in the city, welcoming locals and visitors alike.

The gateway to Flotmyr

The initiative aligns with the Flotmyr area's redevelopment plan. Once a landfill and bus station, this centrally situated area in Haugesund has been cleansed and prepped for this new phase. The plan envisions Flotmyr as a vibrant residential area, enhanced with public outdoor spaces and communal spaces.

A distinctive feature of the area is the 'activity band,' a series of varied urban spaces intended for diverse activities and community interaction. Strategically placed at Flotmyr's northern gateway, the public bath and cultural school will stand as a prominent component of this activity band, symbolizing the area's renewal.