Haraldsvang Secondary School

Project information

  1. Location Haugesund, Norway
  2. Area16.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2022
  2. StatusCompetition proposal
  3. Partners Veidekke
  4. Client Haugesund Kommune
  5. Enquiries Hossam Gadalla
  6. Scope Education environments
    New Build

The new Haraldsvang secondary school and multipurpose hall and gymnasium are based on a simple and holistic concept that blends architecture and nature to accommodate an inspiring education and sports experience for students, teachers, athletes, and the community.

To create a strong identity for the buildings and outdoor spaces, we prioritised architectural quality, materiality, sustainability, and flexibility. The compact design of the buildings ensures that the project is as environmentally and economically sustainable as possible. We have also designed for high architectural quality and a long lifespan, whilst thinking of future flexibility and adaptability for new uses. Safety and carless mobility are built into the plan to provide a diverse experience and contribute to public health.

Future-focused education

We wanted to create a future-oriented school building – both pedagogically and architecturally. We placed the school at the core of the campus, with varied learning zones both in the school building and outdoor areas, we hope to convey that the school is the hub.

The school is part of a green context but also an urban context, which influenced the use of materials. Large areas with natural, green surfaces are contrasted with a refined, high-quality urban floor. Cast-in-place concrete covers are used on all the spaces around the school building and in the activity park. Built constructions and equipment are largely made of wood for the best possible connection with the facade expression. Emphasis is placed on equipping the school with multifunctional furniture of good quality and elements that you can sit, lie and jump on.

The school building is organised on three levels, with a large open area in the middle of the building, covered by a skylight. The entrance level includes the amphitheatre, cafeteria, library, music department, specially equipped learning areas, administration, student services, and operating areas. The amphitheatre is designed for multiple uses such as performances, gatherings, learning, living and dining. It extends over 3 floors and opens onto common areas on all levels.

Multipurpose hall and gymnasium

We designed Haraldshallen, an inviting multipurpose hall, to provide opportunities for young people who are engaged in sports and other activities. The multipurpose hall is directly connected to the school whilst the other facilities, including the gymnasium, are strategically located on the campus so that they all have access to car-free green spaces. The connection between the school and the multipurpose hall provides a platform for large conventions and events, where the atrium and dining areas become meeting places and assembly rooms.

Green extensions

Haraldsvang school is located in close proximity to Haraldsvang nature park, which is a central part of the green infrastructure in Haugesund on the southwest coast of Norway. The nature park is an attractive area for outdoor activities with an extensive network of paths with good connections to surrounding residential areas. Together with the nearby wetland area, the areas to the north and east of the school constitute very valuable natural areas with great species diversity.

The school’s activity park forms the heart of the outdoor area. Centrally located on the campus, it links existing and planned buildings together, and builds under the overall vision of attractive meeting places that invite activity for everyone.