Eikeli High School

Project information

  1. Location Bærum, Norway
  2. Area6.600 m²
  3. Construction cost200 mill NOK

Project details

  1. Year2019 — 2022
  2. StatusPlanning
  3. Partners Koht arkitekter
  4. Enquiries Hossam Gadalla
  5. Scope Education environments
    New Build

Continued education

Eikeli High School is a characteristic building that has already formed the framework for learning and socialising for many years. Our architectural concept consists of two elements that are a new interpretation of the existing school - a base and a top building. The base primarily houses sports and physical education facilities, whilst the top houses educational and administrative areas. It was essential for us that the architecture was used strategically to underpin social frameworks and structures, and to promote safety, health and wellbeing.

An extension of the whole

The concept behind Eikeli was simple, yet ambitious – to create a building that is seen as a part of the whole, whilst adding something new and ensuring optimal connections to the existing building. With this goal in mind, we focused on creating an environment that embraces the educational trends of tomorrow. We used light, colour, acoustics, materials and space, to create an optimal framework for learning – an inspiring place that encourages and amplifies the will to learn.

A masterclass in sustainability

Approved as a Future Built project and certified as BREEAM Excellent, the building is a showcase of sustainable architecture and classified as a “zero emission project”.

The goal is to reduce climate emissions from the building by 50% by using solar cells, saltwater battery for energy storage, a compact layout and environmentally friendly materials like timber, low carbon concrete and reclaimed brick.

The outside areas follow principles of inclusive design, ensuring they will be accessible to all.