Voss High School

Project information

  1. Location Voss‚ Norway
  2. Area11.500 m²
  3. Construction cost350 mill NOK

Project details

  1. Year2014 — 2016
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners AART architects
    Bjørbekk & Lindheim landscape architects
    HENT contractors
  4. Client Hordaland County Municipality
  5. Scope Education environments
    Interior design

Traditions reinterpreted

When entering the competition to design Voss High School, we wanted to make a building that incorporated both the spectacular natural surroundings and the local tradition for timber buildings and pitched roofs. The result is a building that is firmly rooted in Voss, yet offers a new interpretation of traditional timber building.

Proud winner of International Architecture Award 2018, from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture https://www.internationalarchitectureawards.com/winners/

At one with nature

Our winning submission was designed to accommodate 380 students and 100 teachers over 6 vocational programs. They will be learning and teaching in rectangular structures forming an H-shape that extends into the surrounding landscape. This school is a hub for all sorts of activities and experiences, with a multifunction hall for sports and cultural events, as well as two courtyards and a canteen overlooking the nearby lake.

Out of the woods

One of the requirements of the competition was to use timber as a building material. Nordic has taken care to use timber both in construction and cladding, inside and outside. The composition, with large windows and skylights, creates bright spaces indoors, perfect for learning and being together.

Reading and drilling

Excellent facilities for the vocational programs are highly prioritised in Voss high school. Mechanical work shops are directly linked with classrooms for theory studies. Art works from various artists appear in all areas of the school.


Voss high school in the process

Artwork in the making

12 April 2016

Topping out

01 Feb 2016

Let the view in

25 Nov 2015

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Visualising the project

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