Project information

  1. Area13.500 m²
  2. Construction cost57 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2016 — 2019
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Torkil Laursen Rådgivende Ingeniører
    Dines Jørgensen Rådgivende Ingeniører
    Golder Associates
  4. Client Rudersdal Ejendomme
  5. Scope Landscape design

'Gray to Green' is the sustainable strategy for Skovlyskolen in Holte, unraveling the school's history and educational potential in harmony with nature, while creating new and optimized learning spaces both inside and outside.

Optimisation and Modernisation

The optimization of outdoor spaces and landscapes is grounded in the school's potential and feasible scenarios, aligning with both the physical framework and the educational reality. This includes establishing new connections between outdoor and indoor learning, and activating the forest shelter belt surrounding the school.

From Gray to Green

The original schoolyard, once a uniform asphalt expanse with formally pruned trees, has transformed into a verdant, lush space where the building is nestled within a forest. The introduction of vegetation and green areas not only establishes a new identity but also enhances the overall value of the school. The sun shading provides a cooling effect on hot days, while the newly designed play and study environments contribute to the students' well-being.

Furthermore, the re-establishment of pavement following sewer renovation is minimized, allowing ample space for vegetation and rainwater management.

Flexible Learning Zones

The courtyard spaces between the shelters are conceived as adaptable learning zones, providing opportunities for teaching and learning to extend outdoors. A 4-step strategy is implemented across all courtyards for creating an effective learning environment: from immersive experiences and group or project work to assembly and instructional arenas. Each courtyard design is subtly adjusted to align with the age of the nearby student group, fostering a sense of belonging and age-appropriate learning environments.

The facilities within these courtyards include learning tables equipped with water and electricity connections, assembly points, work niches, benches, and casual gathering spots.

Active Everyday Life – the Green Outdoor Trail

A green outdoor trail establishes a dynamic movement course for the school, encouraging an active school day and serving as a communal meeting point in the local area.