Vilhelmsro School

Project information

  1. Location Fredensborg, Denmark
  2. Area8.500 m²
  3. Construction cost107 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2010 — 2014
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners GVL entreprise
    Oluf Jørgensen A/S
    Lars Ørtoft
  4. Client Fredensborg Kommune
  5. Enquiries Lisbeth Olsen
    Susanne Hansen

Nestled between the untamed meadow and the forest's edge, 'The School in the Forest' stands as a nature-integrated building, harnessing the site's vast potential. This innovative educational institution embodies a forward-thinking organization deeply rooted in both its surroundings and progressive learning principles.

The school draws inspiration from the robust natural surroundings of the site, mirroring the structure of a forest with distinct individually themed houses. Elevated in a manner akin to trees, each house possesses its unique character.

Designed to offer direct access to the surrounding nature from all ground-floor facilities, the elevated houses bring nature intimately close to the buildings. This intentional integration provides qualitative learning and recreational spaces for all, fostering a harmonious connection between education and the environment.

Flexible Learning Environments

The integration of buildings and landscape forms a nuanced catalog of outdoor spaces and paths. The terrain gracefully meanders between the structures, becoming an omnipresent element in the overall design. Thoughtful composition and treatment of transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces offer a spectrum of possibilities for organizing education. This design approach provides a diverse range of spatial opportunities, accommodating various activities and offering spaces for both engagement and contemplation.

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In the architectural design of the school, the educational programs are strategically divided into eight individual buildings. This deliberate segmentation breaks down the large composition of 8,500 m2 into a perceptual, human scale, ensuring the provision of secure and comfortable learning environments. Complementary to this approach, other school facilities are similarly organized into distinct buildings, each embracing a unique theme.