University College of Northern Denmark

Project information

  1. Location Aalborg, Denmark
  2. Area5.600 m²

Project details

  1. Year — 2014
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners ENG arkitekter
  4. Client University College Nordjylland
  5. Enquiries Joachim Morell
  6. Scope Education environments
    New Build

The University College of Northern Denmark envisions a cohesive academic community, uniting all academic programmes within a dynamic space. We achieved this with a design that fosters meaningful interactions between students across all ages and programmes, enhancing the overall academic experience.

Flexible academic environments

The new buildings are designed in dialogue with the existing buildings and strengthen the cohesion of the Aalborg campus. They are designed with a focus on functionality, flexibility and space optimisation.

Traditional classrooms, along with informal and innovative learning spaces provide a dynamic experience.

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Materiality contributes to the experience of a future-oriented and inspiring learning environment. Additionally, there is the opportunity to bring academic environments outdoors.