Project information

  1. Location Glostrup
  2. Area1.687 m²
  3. Construction cost36500000

Project details

  1. Year2020 — 2023
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Sweco
    Gade Mortensen Akustik
  4. Client Glostrup Kommune
  5. Enquiries Lisbeth Olsen
  6. Scope Education environments
    Interior design
    New Build
    Project management
    Social sustainability
    Landscape design

Glostrup Children's House

The children's institution is inspired by the area's original utility gardens and the aim to provide space for the intimate within the vast, with the ambition to ensure varied experiences. The building has come into existence through the assembly of 'houses' of different sizes, each containing the possibilities of the house. This assembly creates a diverse composition, forming different types of spaces both outdoors and indoors. Natural niches are formed in the outdoor area close to the building.

Internally, the house is connected by four communal areas, each with its theme: Children's Garden, Clearing, Grove, and Nursery Garden. These communal areas draw inspiration from the surrounding nature. Load-bearing structures transform into large trees, with roots serving as play elements. The spaces are tailored to the age group, ensuring that the house offers experiences for everyone. As you move around the house, you will always be able to see the next communal area, where a new experience awaits.

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Towards a Sustainable Future

The development of the house has been meticulously orchestrated through close collaboration with end-users and the project stakeholders. The construction is underpinned by comprehensive economic analyses aimed at minimizing the carbon footprint. Consequently, load-bearing structures, partition walls, and facades are fashioned from timber. A discerning emphasis has been placed on the selection of exterior wood cladding characterized by low maintenance requirements and prolonged durability.