Skibby Children's House

Project information

  1. Location Skibby
  2. Area880 m²

Project details

  1. StatusPlanning
  2. Partners Vega Landscape
    Hundsbæk & Henriksen engineers
    Marie Martinussen - educational consultant
    Entrepreneur Bang Nielsen
  3. Client Frederikssund municipality
  4. Scope Education environments

Small units for small people

Skibby Children´s House is set to replace three existing children´s houses. The building and the playground will be open for public use in the evenings and on weekends and will serve as a gathering place for the whole community.

In designing the building, we have focused on down-scaling the volume into small entities. New scientific studies show that small children feel safer and have fewer conflicts when they are in smaller, more easily comprehensible environments.

Design concept and materials have been chosen to minimise the building’s carbon footprint and give the Children´s House a green, sustainable profile.

Play, reflect and learn

The playground is designed for both play, reflection and learning. There are various areas for the different age groups – closest to the building is the area for the smallest children, where the adults are always nearby. 

More challenging areas are designed for the older children, these are located furthest away from the building where the theme is about exploring.