Sjetne School

Project information

  1. Location Trondheim‚ Norway
  2. Area2.500 m²

Project details

  1. Year2016 — 2018
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Norconsult
    Brekke og Strand
  4. Enquiries Hossam Gadalla
  5. Scope Education environments

The Sjetne elementary and junior high school project comprises one new building and a rehabilitation of approximately 4500m2. The new build has nine new classrooms, special facilities for nutrition and health studies, ceramics, drawing and woodcraft, as well as an amphitheatre. The rehabilitation includes the facilities for all primary levels and administration.

The idea behind the new building is to further unite the school. The three story building is placed to the north of the existing building and the two are tied together by a large amphitheatre that serves as a common social space for both the junior high and elementary levels.

The concept is to have the new building blend in to the surroundings, as the existing buildings already have characteristics from different architectural eras.

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Focusing on using natural materials as far as possible, the new building is built as a massive timber construction, with timber facades that give it a warm and welcoming feel. To get the most out of the massive timber construction, the shape of the building is quite simple. Due to certain challenges, it was necessary to supplement with steel girders in 3 places.

The result is a building that breathes, with beautiful timber surfaces, where there are no need for extra cladding, nor any special solutions needed to meet acoustic specifications. The massive timber construction gives an extra warmth to the building as well as contributing to a healthy indoor climate.

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