Healthcare facilities need to provide flexible and functionally robust environments that give a sense of security and provide a pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors alike. With more than 20 years of experience in healthcare planning and design, our team has acquired unique knowledge of functionality, design and project management skills specific to healthcare projects.

Our aim is always to balance cost efficiency with highly functional solutions and provide a patient experience tailored to the identity of the particular location. Together with our clients, we solve the most demanding challenges in healthcare buildings and create spaces that inspire healing.

Related expertise

  • Masterplanning
  • Project management
  • Logistical planning
  • Hospital planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Functionality planning
  • Programming

  1. Forensic Psychiatry at St. Hans Hospital

    Healthcare,  Roskilde Denmark,  2013-2021
  2. Generationernes Frederiksberg

    Healthcare,  Frederiksberg Denmark,  2018-2023
  3. Stavanger University Hospital

    Healthcare,  Stavanger Norway,  2015-2024
  4. Carpe Diem Dementia Village

    Healthcare,  Bærum Norway,  2017-2020
  5. Oslo Emergency Ward

    Healthcare,  Oslo Norway,  2017-2023
  6. Gødstrup Hospital

    Healthcare,  Gødstrup Denmark,  2011-2021
  7. LHL Hospital

    Healthcare,  Gardermoen Norway,  2013-2017
  8. Shenzhen BGI Hospital

    Healthcare,  Shenzhen China,  2021
  9. Hospital Pharmacy for Region Midtjylland

    Healthcare,  Aarhus Danmark,  2020-2022
  10. Førde Hospital New Psychiatric Unit

    Healthcare,  Førde,  2017-2021
  11. New Centre for Psychiatric Healthcare in Nordbyhagen (PHN)

    Healthcare,  2019-2020
  12. Åsane Nursing Home

    Healthcare,  Åsane Bergen,  2018-2022
  13. NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Center

    Healthcare,  Hveragerði Iceland,  2020
  14. Aker Hospital

    Healthcare,  Oslo Norway,  2018-2020
  15. Helsingør Health Centre

    Healthcare,  Helsingør Denmark,  2018-2021
  16. London Cancer Hub

    Healthcare,  London UK,  2015→
  17. Hvidovre Health Centre

    Healthcare,  Copenhagen Denmark,  2016-2018
  18. Persaunet Healthcare Centre

    Healthcare,  2014
  19. Knowledge Centre

    Healthcare,  Trondheim Norway,  2003-2013
  20. Oslo University Hospital

    Healthcare,  Oslo Norway,  2014→
  21. Nordmøre and Romsdal Regional Hospital

    Healthcare,  Hjelset Norway,  2007→
  22. Rauma Healthcare Centre

    Healthcare,  Rauma Norway,  2015-2017
  23. St. Olav's Hospital masterplan

    Healthcare,  Trondheim Norway,  1998-2013
  24. Ullevål Emergency Room

    Healthcare,  Oslo Norway,  2012-2014
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