Gødstrup Psychiatry Cluster

Project information

  1. Location Gødstrup‚ Denmark
  2. Area13.000 m²
  3. Construction cost380 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2015 — 2017
  2. StatusOn site
  3. Partners AART architects
    SMAK architects
  4. Client Region Midtjylland
  5. Enquiries Sofie Peschardt
  6. Scope Hospital and health care planning and design

Promoting wellbeing

The architecture of Gødstrup Psychiatry Cluster will contribute to the healing of patients and ensure the wellbeing of staff. We have placed great thought into the dimensioning and detailing of the spatial environments, and how this effects different individuals.

The idea of a collected hospital, where the various clinical specialties work closely together in an integrated treatment environment is central in the psychiatry cluster.

Light and green

The surroundings provide a safe treatment environment with welcoming spaces, organic forms and natural materials, both inside and out, taking advantage of the daylight and green surroundings to promote a positive atmosphere.

Courtyard meeting places

Developing personal relations is an important part of many patients healing process. The layout of the courtyards creates a range of various niches where patients can seek out manageable social situations.