Glostrup Hospital Neuro Centre

Project information

  1. Location Copenhagen‚ Denmark
  2. Area21.000 m²
  3. Construction cost€77 million

Project details

  1. Year2012 — 2022
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners AART architects
  4. Client Glostrup Hospital
  5. Enquiries Sofie Peschardt
  6. Scope Hospital and health care planning and design

Glostrup Hospital’s neuro-rehabilitation centre in Copenhagen is a new unit in the existing hospital. The centre provides treatment and trains patients with spinal disorders and complex brain injuries.

Healing unit

In addition to 125 beds, the centre boasts a multi-purpose training hall, research facilities, plus pool and fitness facilities with cutting edge training and rehabilitation equipment.

Nurture in nature

Located in parkland, the centre has a wide range of outdoor zones and rehabilitation areas. In fact, the connection with nature and the outdoors is a recurring theme throughout the centre. The design is based on healing architecture, with solutions that support well-being for all.