Fribo Holte

Project information

  1. Location Rudersdal, Denmark
  2. Area20.792 m²
  3. Construction cost110 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2018 — 2021
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners NREP
  4. Client NREP
  5. Enquiries Lars Hetland
  6. Scope New Build
    Landscape design

Fribo Holte is a vibrant community comprising 72 residences, a public café, gym, cultural hall, and a hair salon, complemented by exquisite communal gardens and scenic walking paths. This senior neighbourhood seamlessly integrates architecture and landscape, emphasising the values of community, safety and a cozy atmosphere.

The design of Fribo Holte embraces the concept of a row house neighbourhood, where residents with each other in thoughtfully designed facade rows amid a diverse landscape. The terraced houses, adorned with brick cladding, harmonise effortlessly with the natural surroundings, thanks to their proportionate scale and carefully chosen materials. Central to the vision of Fribo Holte is the prioritisation of people and community, anchored in an environment that promotes security and a strong sense of togetherness.

Safe environments

Today, up to 80% of people living in nursing homes have dementia. This creates a number of special needs and conditions that have been taken into account in the building and landscape. Immediate sensory impact is essential, as well as caring guidance and safe surroundings that always lead back to familiar environments.

Well-documented research shows that nature, community and safety reduce stress and increase both mental and physical health.


We know that people with mobile dementia find joy and peace in walking. Therefore, several "loops" have been organised throughout the development, creating a large, yet safe network of varied routes and paths.

Row house neighbourhood

Fribo Holte is based on the townhouse district, where you meet your neighbours in scaled-down facade rows and a varied landscape. The buildings blend in with their surroundings through both scale and materials.

The facades shift both as an overall approach and in the form of niches and bay windows - everything contributes to the perception of the individual townhouse in the larger context.

To the north, the building is two-storey, providing space for apartments with long views towards nature areas, as well as large communal roof terraces. The building structure also acts as a noise barrier between the residential area and Skovlyskolen's fields.

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Sense of community

At Fribo Holte, the emphasis is on creating a sense of community and security as well as direct access to nature. The building is shaped by communities that are gathered in six living groups.

Each group meets around cosy common areas with a kitchen, living room, dining room and large, bright atrium gardens.

In the middle of the development, all living groups gather around a central cultural space with access to the activity garden with a petanque court, cafe and greenhouse.