University College Copenhagen, Carlsberg Campus

Project information

  1. Location Copenhagen‚ Denmark
  2. Area101.000 m²
  3. Construction cost1.5 bn DKK

Project details

  1. Year2012 — 2017
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners NCC
    Mikkelsen arkitekter A/S
    1:1 Landskab ApS
    Rambøll A/S
  4. Client Carlsberg Byen,
    PFA Pension,
  5. Enquiries Susanne Hansen
    Lisbeth Olsen
  6. Scope Education environments
    New Build

Urban renewal

Campus Carlsberg is the newest and largest of the seven campuses that make up University College Copenhagen (UCC). The facilities across the 80.000 m² project include lecture halls, sports halls, a student dormitory, printing workshop and library. This modern and vibrant urban campus provides an excellent student experience with its public facing functions, such as grocery stores and retail, and its unique location in Carlsberg City.

The historic Carlsberg City District is an evolving neighbourhood in the centre of Copenhagen. After 160 years as a closed industrial site and home to the Carlsberg brewery, it is now bustling with urban life, cultural activities and varied buildings and facades. Nordic was the main consultant for the design of the large campus construction, which includes:

  • 58.000 m² university building
  • 5.000 m² of commercial space
  • 15.000 m² of housing, including student housing
  • 5.000 m² of retail space
  • 18.000 m² of underground parking

Urban integration

The base and tower are based on an interpretation of the materials and character of the site and appear as a single homogeneous expression of perforated, anodized trapezoidal sheets that harmonise with the listed 'Hanging Gardens', which are integrated as the backbone of Carlsberg Campus.

Active edge zones

With the aim to activate this part of Copenhagen, we created active edge zones, in addition to the campus' main entrance, canteen, library and retail space for approximately 20 shops and cafés. These zones and public facing spaces contribute to creating a vibrant and active urban environment in the city and on campus.

Interdisciplinary academic environment

UCC offers diverse academic programmes for educators, nurses, textile designers, interpreters and more. The many disciplines dictate a wide variety of specialty spaces. These include laboratories, auditoriums, sports halls, theatre, canteen with production kitchen, administration and learning spaces in multiple styles and sizes.

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Outdoor sports facilities on the roof are integrated into the building's geometry, whilst materiality, colour palette, natural daylight and views create character as well as buffers between sub-environments.

Sustainable strategy

Similar to the other buildings in Carlsberg City District, the campus buildings are designed to be functional, flexible and of high architectural quality. After the area is fully developed, the goal is for the building is to be carbon neutral. The building already uses minimal energy for heating and electricity and despite its complex site, the campus was designed with compact buildings with a minimal surface area, helping to reduce energy consumption.