Istanbul Airport

Project information

  1. Location Istanbul‚ Turkey
  2. Area1.400.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2013 — 2016
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Grimshaw
  4. Client Cengiz-Kolin- Limak-Mapa-Kalyon Consortium
  5. Scope Airport planning and design

A unique airport

By the edge of the Black Sea, 35 km outside Istanbul, lies Istanbul Airport. Nordic and partners developed the concept design of the mind blowing airport, featuring the largest terminal in the world with the capacity to cater for 90 million passengers per year.

Between two worlds

Istanbul Airport celebrates the city's long history as the gateway between two worlds. Drawing on both oriental and European building traditions, the airport has a clear identity, subtly echoing Istanbul's rich architectural history. The vaulted roofs with their circular openings provide travellers with an intuitively inviting experience, in which they can feel relaxed and safe.

On the drawing board

We were happy to see that the completed airport is very much aligned with the vision we developed with Haptic and Grimshaw.

Model in the making

Marie and Jakob made a physical model from 3D printed segments, just in time for Oslo Open House 2015!

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The sky's the limit

Over the course of the four phases of construction, airport capacity will continue to grow, and on completion, Istanbul Airport aims to serve 150 million passengers per year. Our design also includes an airport city with 25.000 underground parking spaces, hotels and conference facilities.