Tromsø Airport

Project information

  1. Location Tromsø‚ Norway
  2. Area20.000 m²
  3. Construction cost1 BNOK

Project details

  1. Year2018 — 2023
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Rambøll
  4. Client Avinor
  5. Enquiries Bjørn Olav Susæg
    Tom Holtmann
  6. Scope Airport planning and design

Welcome to the north

In the picturesque north of Norway, amongst majestic mountains and deep blue fjords, lies Tromsø Airport, bathed in midnight sun and northern lights, depending on the season. An important hub for both domestic and international flights, the airport has seen significant growth in traffic over the last few years.

Our speciality

Our long-standing client, Avinor, reached out to us with a challenge almost tailor-made for Nordic and Rambølls' aviation team: they wanted to increase the capacity of the airport and make it more efficient and user friendly. To achieve this, we expanded the check-in hall and retail areas, and installed new gates and an improved baggage handling system.

Simple and flexible shape

The terminal’s simplistic design complements the existing areas and is designed with the flexibility needed for seamless future expansions. Glass panels in the facade frame stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. The area is known for harsh weather, so the building needed to be both energy efficient and resilient to winter storms. To handle this the building has a simple shape, with angled facades and softly sloped roofs that allow the snows to blow off, meaning less need for maintenance.