Committed to society

We are committed to society, driven by our passion for architecture and desire to contribute to a better future.

​As a leading architecture practice in Norway, we have a responsibility to positively influence the industry and society as a whole.

Sustainability is key

Through our memberships in the Norwegian Green Building Council, buildingSMART and the UN Global Compact, we contribute in networks that focus both nationally and globally on the challenges facing the planet. 

Our sustainability goals guide us in our work with issues regarding the environment, human rights, labour and anti-corruption. 

The highly skilled sustainability group at Nordic disseminate the latest research led knowledge across our organisation.

Nordic proudly supports initiatives using architecture as a tool for social betterment

AUG Norge (Architects Without borders)

The Norwegian chapter of Architects Without Borders, Arkitekter Uten Grenser / AUG Norge, was started by architects from Nordic, and the organisation has seen a steadily increasing number of active and dedicated members. Many of the active board members are part of our team at Nordic.

AUG Norge's efforts helps improve quality of life through architectural work around the globe.

AUG Norge has projects in Argentina, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Norway.

Nicole neighbourhood

Urban planning and social housing.

Ethiopia Siiqqee Center

Providing girls and young women with an education.

Pilagas community centre

Empowering the community and facilitating production of local crafts.

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Recently we decided to donate a 20% architect position to AUG Norge. The passionate and resourceful Paola Bornaschella will now be spending one day a week at the AUG office, leading the Argentinian projects.

Paola Bornaschella from Nordic currently spends 20% of her time working on AUG projects. Here with Alfonso Rengifo, CEO at AUG Norge.

Scarcity & Creativity Studio

As one of the design and build studios at Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Scarcity & Creativity Studio offer students the experience of taking a project off the drawing board and into the building site. 

Seeking projects that benefit local communities, and can be completed with scarce resources, the students spend 4-5 weeks building with their bare hands.

We find this approach to teaching architectural skills highly inspiring and gladly support them in their work.

See a selection of previously executed projects below.

Eco Moyo Education Centre

Free education to children from poor families in Kenya.

Lound Architects' Bookshop

Cultural development initiative in rural China.

Community Centre

Rebuilding the town of Pumanque in Chile after an earthquake.

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120 Hours

This student competition was established in 2010 to "challenge, motivate and promote the most skilled, innovative and committed students in the architecture profession", and we are very proud to support their mission.

The winners are diverse - see a selection below.

Helping young practices get a foot in the door

Achieving new commissions for young architecture practises is often a conundrum. When completed references are required to get your first project, where do you start?

To help these practises get a foothold in the construction industry, Nordic has offered a loophole in this vicious cycle. 

Young practices were invited to join us as collaborating partners in selected projects, providing their portfolios with the experience needed to be able to compete for new projects on their own.