Sannergata 2

Project information

  1. Location Oslo‚ Norway
  2. Area26.000 m²
  3. Construction costnot applicable at this stage

Project details

  1. Design by Kristin Jarmund Architects (now part of Nordic)
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Client Ragde Eiendom
  4. Enquiries Jonathan Alexander

KJ-A won 1’st prize to upgrade, remodel and extend the current premises at Sannergata 2 for re-use as flexible and forward-looking office space, hotel, retail and sports facilities. From inception, emphasis was placed on environmental and social sustainability.

While a large portion of the existing building is retained and refurbished, a new extension facing onto Sannergata seeks to re-assert the project’s presence within the public realm. A new pavilion to the west further embeds the scheme into its surroundings, addressing a public space complete with sculpture park.