Antvorskov Church

Project information

  1. Location Antvorskov, Slagelse, Denmark
  2. Area1.300 m²
  3. Construction cost29 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2003 — 2005
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Viggo Madsen Ingeniører
    Wainø og Frandsen Landskabsarkitekter
  4. Client Antvorskovs Menighedsråd
  5. Enquiries Helge Skovbjerg
  6. Scope New Build
    Culture buildings

The church and parish hall in Antvorskov harmoniously integrate traditional architectural elements with contemporary design features. Positioned prominently in an open setting, the structure draws inspiration from historical monastic architecture, evident in its inner courtyard and connecting internal pathways.

A Landmark in the Area

The church is prominently situated in an open and distinct area, aligning with many other Danish churches found in the countryside.

The building makes a powerful statement, exhibiting significant weight and sculptural presence within the landscape. However, its structure is organized around an inner courtyard, creating a connection to an internal walkway that the church opens up to. This arrangement takes inspiration from historical monastery architecture.

Interior and Daylight

The interior is luminous and spacious, with the church space characterized by a large undulating, white-painted ribbed ceiling that culminates in a sizable skylight, imparting a profound sense of drama to the space.

All furnishings have been meticulously designed, with the exception of the baptismal font, which was crafted by the sculptor Ole Hempel.

In the church interior, daylight has been harnessed in a way that consistently introduces new layers and experiences to the space. This dynamic is contingent on the rhythms of day and year, as well as weather conditions.