Bredgade 25X

Project information

  1. Location Copenhagen‚ Denmark

Project details

  1. Year — 2021
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Enquiries Madeleine Mathiasen
    Louise Bay Poulsen
  4. Scope Workplace design
    Interior and furniture design
    Wayfinding and signage

Nordic Copenhagen

Situated in the historic Sankt Annæ Passage, our Copenhagen studio breathes life into a former printing house. Open floors, crowned by vaulted ceilings and sturdy concrete columns, evoke an industrial charm. A modern staircase guides you through our vibrant space, leading to the beating heart—the canteen. Here, ideas flow over fresh bread and brewed coffee, as the space seamlessly transforms from a casual hub to a dynamic conference.

Architect's laboratory

The building was originally a printing house, which is reflected in the open floors, where vaulted ceilings are supported by solid concrete columns. A new floor was added as the studio grew in 2011.

Today we have around 100 workspaces, meeting rooms, a kitchen and canteen, a model workshop and a 1:1 showroom for changing product exhibitions.

The space is intended as an architect's laboratory, with room for both contemplation and collaboration.

Connecting staircase

The internal staircase is the spatial link that connects the floors and the open offices of the studio. The modern staircase leads from the entrance up to the reception and from there to the canteen, the beating heart of the studio where employees and visitors meet for a coffee and to share knowledge.

The canteen was designed to integrate the kitchen function with art, natural daylight, acoustics and a showroom for partners and clients in a single space that can easily be transformed to a conference space or party lounge.

The layout of the space reflects our general approach to architecture, where the challenges of the old concrete building are utilised as spatial potential for the studio. In particular, the lighting via LED spots with different kelvin degrees is worth studying in terms of comfort and colour rendering.