Broen Shopping Center

Project information

  1. Location Esbjerg, Denmark
  2. Area32.500 m²

Project details

  1. Year2014 — 2017
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners SWECO
    Årstiderne Arkitekter
  4. Client TK Development
  5. Enquiries Rasmus Skakkebæk Sørensen
  6. Scope New Build
    Commercial planning

In the heart of Esbjerg, a dynamic new shopping center has emerged, rejuvenating formerly neglected urban spaces. This two-story complex spans the railway line, establishing a seamless connection between the pedestrian street and the railway station. Distinguished by its innovative design, featuring rooftop green spaces and modern parking facilities, it presents a vibrant and welcoming entry point.


The internal circulation of the building follows a pattern that revolves around a "center island", seamlessly connecting three atrium courtyards. These atriums serve as luminous oases amidst the walkways, drawing occupants towards the light. Directional changes occur within the atriums, capitalizing on the building's vertical flow.

Entrance and egress from the building are consistently orchestrated through an atrium, thereby eliminating dead spaces and cultivating a vibrant and cohesive atmosphere within the central space, reminiscent of a living organism.


Through a carefully curated selection of materials, the facade engages in a meaningful dialogue with its surroundings. The upper segment is adorned with natural stone, resembling vertebrae along a spine. This distinctive feature not only imparts a recognizable identity but also delineates the center's profile within the cityscape.

Conversely, the lower section harmonizes with the adjacent streets and urban milieu. Exhibiting a vibrant and diverse palette, the ground floor functions as a versatile showcase, adapting to its dynamic surroundings.

During the evening hours, the center undergoes a transformation: while the shops are closed, the building comes to life with softly illuminated slits dispersed among the serene natural stone surfaces. This subtle interplay of light animates the night scene, reflecting the pulsating rhythm of the city.

BROEN Shopping has been conceptualized, sketched, and partially designed by Nordic.