Grenseveien 107

Project information

  1. Location Oslo‚ Norway
  2. Area25.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2021 — ongoing
  2. Client UNION Gruppen
  3. Enquiries Geir Messel
  4. Scope Workplace design
    New Build
    Commercial planning

The mixed-use commercial building, Grenseveien 107, is in close proximity to Helsfyr transport hub and plays a strategic role in the local area’s redevelopment, particularly in addressing the key crossroads between Grenseveien and Grensesvingen.

The building is open and accessible at ground level, enhancing the connection between the public square to the south and the surrounding urban space. The commercial programme – ranging from retail units, public functions and co-working – ensures a vibrant and active addition to the local area. Furthermore, the building’s triangular configuration creates a generous connectivity for public functions while also providing more exclusive entrances for office occupants on the upper floors. The main entrances are placed to the north, and directly adjacent to the square, to the south.

The site itself falls a full storey in height from north to south. This difference in height is utilized in the building’s section, in particular its generous atrium. Conceived as the heart of the building, the atrium generates visual and physical connectivity throughout the ground level, while it is also used for service spaces placed discreetly below. Vertical circulation is achieved by a single, central core adjacent and parallel to Grenseveien.

The building was designed as a stepped volume, reducing in height towards the north. This ensures that the north-west corner leaves intact the strategic sightline from the square, through the Grensesvingen 7 axis, to the urban space between Grenseveien 99 and 107.

Externally, the architecture is primarily ordered around the horizontal floorslabs at each storey. In addition, the volume is subtly withdrawn and projected in certain key positions, adding even more richness and complexity to the site and its context. This gives interior spaces a view to the square, while remaining partially shielded from the noise and traffic of Grenseveien. The building’s southern end looks like a narrow, elegant and dramatic intervention when viewed from afar.