Hammersborg Torg 1-3

Project information

  1. Location Oslo‚ Norway
  2. Area35 m²

Project details

  1. Design by Kristin Jarmund Architects (now part of Nordic)
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Client OBOS Eiendom
  4. Enquiries Ola Helle

In preparation for their relocation to Construction City in 2024/5, OBOS appointed KJ-A to upgrade, remodel and extend their current premises at Hammersborg Torg 1-3, ready for re-use as flexible and forward-looking office space. From inception, emphasis has been placed on environmental and social sustainability.

As a result, a significant proportion of the existing building fabric will be retained, namely the two original tower blocks at each end of the plot together with their lower, three-story counterpart in the centre. In contrast, a new eight-storey volume will be inserted between the two tower blocks, enabling a continuous, uninterrupted internal circulation while maintaining a legible hierarchy between old and new. Large expanses of glazing together with an open-plan configuration at ground level will ensure physical and visual permeability, thereby enhancing the public realm.

Preliminary sketch
Preliminary sketch