Postgården in Virum

Project information

  1. Location Virum, Denmark
  2. Area5.500 m²

Project details

  1. Year2018 — 2020
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Jodan Ingeniører
  4. Client Rema Etablering A/S
  5. Enquiries Rasmus Skakkebæk Sørensen
  6. Scope New Build

Initiating a visionary project at Virum Station, this development strategically integrates commercial spaces on the ground floor with residential units extending from the first floor and beyond. This innovative concept is designed to maximize the site's potential, providing a harmonious fusion of work and living spaces within a vibrant urban environment.

Seamless Harmony

The structure houses two grocery stores and 19 exclusive apartments. The unique roof profile accentuates the building's characteristic terraced design. Achieving a unified architectural aesthetic, both the shops and apartments feature facades constructed with the same type of brick. Anodized aluminum panels in a warm golden hue introduce a sense of warmth and playfulness to the facade.

The architectural offsets in the apartment buildings contribute to a sculptural expression, seamlessly connecting the otherwise distinct functions of "shops and homes" into a cohesive and tranquil facade expression.

Adapting to the Surroundings

The buildings are designed to harmonize with their surroundings, adjusting their size and proportions. They stand at their highest along Frederiksdalsvej and gradually decrease in height towards Skovridergårdsvej. This thoughtful adaptation contributes to a seamless integration with the neighboring environment.

Additionally, the parking lot is strategically positioned at the same level as the S-train platform, creating optimal conditions for users. This design consideration not only enhances accessibility but also ensures a functional and user-friendly environment for individuals utilizing both public transportation and private vehicles.

Residents express their appreciation for the positive impact the development has had on the entire neighborhood. The sentiment is echoed by the community, praising the project for providing a much-needed revitalization. Notably, a nearby grocery store has been rejuvenated with an appealing new building, contributing to the overall aesthetic enhancement of the area.

Moreover, residents themselves are enjoying the benefits of their new apartments and the accompanying outdoor living spaces. These spaces not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also contribute to the social vibrancy of the property, fostering a sense of community and shared living experiences.

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