Satens Serums Institut Building 208

Project information

  1. Location Copenhagen‚ Denmark
  2. Area1.134 m²
  3. Construction cost25 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2019 — 2020
  2. StatusDelivered
  3. Partners Krydsrum Arkitekter
    NIRAS rådgivende ingeniører
  4. Client Statens Serums Institut (SSI)
  5. Enquiries Helge Skovbjerg
  6. Scope Transformation

The renovation and conversion of a historically significant building into a contemporary office space.

The project at SSI Campus involves the restoration and conversion of a historically significant military building. Within the expansive existing space, contemporary office environments are being created, comprising both open-plan offices and smaller enclosed workspaces.

The design also incorporates areas for archives, storage, meeting facilities, and other communal and work support zones. To optimize space utilization, the attic floor is being utilized, necessitating the installation of skylights.

In the restoration of heritage buildings, preserving the original aesthetics, experience, and atmosphere is paramount. In the ongoing work at Building 208, emphasis is placed on the retention of large open spaces where the old construction is exposed. Original materials and details serve as the foundation for layouts, as well as choices in color and materials. These decisions are carefully made to align with modern accessibility (AT) requirements and user preferences, ensuring a seamless blend of historical integrity and contemporary functionality.

Constructive User Process

We have overseen the user involvement process in the project, fostering a substantial level of user influence, and ensuring a productive collaboration in knowledge gathering with consultants. Grounded in daylight and capacity analyses, users were presented with a proposal featuring three scenarios for the future layout. This approach reflects a commitment to incorporating user perspectives and empirical insights into the decision-making process.

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