Tjuvholmen – Eitzen Group Headquarters

Project information

  1. Location Oslo‚ Norway
  2. Area5.000 m²

Project details

  1. Design by Kristin Jarmund Architects (now part of Nordic)
  2. Year — 2007
  3. StatusDelivered
  4. Client Tjuvholmen KS,
    Eitzen Group

A former industrial area facing the Oslo Fjord, the Tjuvholmen regeneration masterplan transformed the area into an lively and contemporary addition to Oslo city centre, bringing with it a swathe of new offices, retail, residential hotel and gallery developments. Situated on the entrance to Tjuvholmen, the Eizen Group Headquarters plot called for a design which addresses both the city and the regeneration area itself, as well as exploiting its prominent position adjacent to the fjord.

Clad in white limestone, the building’s three facades are afforded a distinctly civic character, and are subtly varied according to their outlook. Facing onto Tjuvholmen Alle, the north-west façade features a regular rhythm of vertically accented windows punctuating the volume and providing a straightforward street-front. The north and east facing facades are more elaborate and feature a series of vertical limestone ‘fins’ expressed as distinct elements at right angles to – and protruding from – the curtain walling in which they are placed. As one approaches the building diagonally, its character appears to gradually shift from a dense, shimmering mass of limestone into a delicate and open composition in which interior spaces benefit from unhindered views out over the water.

The volume is further articulated by a series of projections and set-backs strategically amongst its seven storeys, while a largely glazed ground storey signals the building’s presence as a key contributor to the public realm.

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