Varde Town Hall

Project information

  1. Location Varde, Denmark
  2. Area6.700 m²
  3. Construction cost55 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2014 — 2015
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners STB Byg
  4. Client Varde Kommune
  5. Enquiries Lars Bo Lindblad
  6. Scope Workplace design
    New Build

In response to the dynamic needs of Varde Municipality, a strategic decision was made to initiate the construction of a new town hall. The existing facility had become outdated, prompting the imperative to consolidate various administrative functions under one cohesive and modernized structure.

The concept and layout of the project are characterized by simplicity and clarity. A significant portion of the existing town hall is dismantled, leaving two elongated rectangular buildings, each enveloping its own inner courtyard.

The area between these two rectangular structures forms a sizable open inner space. Above this space, a floating rectangular volume is strategically positioned, adding a distinctive architectural element to the two existing structures.

The City Forum

The expansive inner space, serving as the main entrance, seamlessly connects all three building types within a grand double-height area known as the 'City Forum.' This central hub provides access to various sections of the town hall, offering a clear organizational layout upon arrival. The design ensures immediate orientation and a sense of connectivity throughout the entire building.

The outward-facing functions, including the multi-purpose hall, canteen, meeting center, and internal services, are strategically positioned with direct access from the City Forum. This central area effectively serves as a foyer for these functions.

The administrative offices of the city hall are situated in the outer areas of the lower rectangles and on the first floor surrounding the Forum. The new city hall accommodates a total of 265 office workplaces.

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Energy and sustainability parameters

One of the pivotal objectives of the project was to seamlessly integrate the building with its natural landscape surroundings, achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetic, functional, technological, economic, and environmental considerations tailored to the needs of a modern administrative environment.

A Conducive and Vibrant Work Environment

The physical environment is integral to fostering a positive working experience. The visual expression and internal spatial structure of the building play a crucial role in enhancing work performance, well-being, and collaborative interactions.

The building exudes openness, flexibility, and a bright, friendly ambiance - a town hall that welcomes with a modern design language, seamlessly blending into the landscape. It prioritizes ample views and maintains an open attitude toward its surroundings. The construction was efficiently executed as a turnkey contract, managed within a relatively tight budget, and completed on schedule.