Høje Taastrup

Project information

  1. Location Høje Taastrup, Denmark
  2. Area14.420 m²

Project details

  1. Year2020 — 2022
  2. StatusDelivered
  3. Partners THING BRANDT
  4. Client PFA Ejendomme
  5. Enquiries Mads Lund
  6. Scope New Build

In a collaborative effort with our client, we have spearheaded the development of a pioneering and adaptable building system. This innovative framework serves as a blueprint for constructing contemporary residences that are not only operationally efficient but also environmentally conscious. Through the strategic use of straightforward, standardized modules, we are reshaping the landscape of modern living, redefining the future with a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

A Safe Environment

The architectural design of the buildings is crafted to foster a secure and dynamic urban environment in the surrounding area. Varied in both size and layout, the apartments are planned to cater to a diverse community of residents, fostering a rich and vibrant social life.

The ground floors are thoughtfully configured with outward-facing functions, thereby contributing to the liveliness and engagement in the vicinity. This intentional design approach not only enhances the appeal of the buildings but also actively contributes to the overall vitality of the community space.

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The buildings prioritize accessibility by offering level access to all units, shared spaces, and parking facilities. Specifically, 60 residences are designed with accessibility in mind, and an additional 30 units are designated for senior housing.

To enhance safety and community engagement, staircase access is seamlessly integrated from the street. Furthermore, both buildings will feature underground parking, ensuring convenience for residents. Notably, a dedicated ground-level parking space will be allocated for handicap buses, underscoring our commitment to inclusivity and accommodating diverse needs.

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Towards a sustainable future

The building have been awarded DGNB-Gold certification according to the guidelines outlined in the 'Apartment Buildings and Terraced Houses 2016' manual.

Throughout the development phase, our emphasis has been predominantly on the economic dimensions of sustainable initiatives. The implementation of a bespoke building system has played a pivotal role in pushing the notion that sustainable constructions can be cost effective.