Kvartal 57

Project information

  1. Location Kristiansand, Norway
  2. Area4.000 m²
  3. Construction cost4.000.000 NOK

Project details

  1. Design by Kristin Jarmund Architects (now part of Nordic)
  2. Year2014 — 2017
  3. StatusCompleted
  4. Client Kvartal 57 AS
  5. Enquiries Geir Messel

A residential project located in central Kristiansand comprising 21 apartments of varying size and type. KJ-A’s proposal was awarded 1st prize in an invited competition in 2014.

Situated on the harbour-front promenade, the site offered a unique opportunity for development within the centre of Kristiansand. Each of the 21 apartments within the scheme benefits form dual or triple aspect, close proximity to city-centre amenities, and panoramic ocean views.

The apartments themselves are designed around generous living spaces whose large expanses of glazing give way to external balconies, creating a sense of scale and blurring the boundary between interior and exterior. Penthouse apartments on the upper storeys feature large roof terraces with spectacular views.

Externally, a deliberate tension is established between the block-like nature of the overall brick volume and the horizontal, deck-like character of the projecting balconies. Similarly, a series of delicate screens and pergolas in timber further soften the overall form, while giving external balconies and terraces a nuanced gradation of enclosure to exposure. Attention to detail and a careful selection of material were prioritised at all stages of design and execution, affording the building a contemporary and upbeat character grounded, nonetheless, in its historical setting.