Leander Erhvervsdomicil

Project information

  1. Location Silkeborg, Denmark
  2. Area1.400 m²

Project details

  1. Year2010 — 2012
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Stokvad og Kerstens Ingeniører
  4. Client Leander Form
  5. Enquiries Rasmus Skakkebæk Sørensen
  6. Scope New Build

In the quest for a suitable architectural identity that mirrors the robust design profile of Leander Form, a new headquarters is emerging as a beacon of innovation and creativity. This development serves as a testament to the company's steadfast commitment to design excellence, seeking to encapsulate its unique ethos in every facet of its construction.

Leander Form specializes in the development of children's furniture, including the renowned Leander Cradle. The design of the office and warehouse is inspired by the cradle, featuring a layout oriented around a central courtyard that serves as a welcoming space for guests and employees alike.

Lightness and Identity with Nature-Inspired Design

The office building is conceptualized as a piece of furniture with a light and soft character that emphasizes the company's identity. Essentially, it consists of a large space divided by a boomerang shape and substantial room furniture.

The north facade is a transparent glass facade that invites the surrounding rolling fields inside. On the south and west sides, the building is more enclosed, minimizing unnecessary cooling needs.

Inside, the space exudes a raw aesthetic, with the building's galvanized steel frames and trapezoidal ceilings left visible. This expression is meticulously cultivated in every detail, creating a contrast with the soft exterior and contributing to the establishment of a dynamic working environment.