Project information

  1. Location Reykjavik‚ Iceland
  2. Area22.000 m²
  3. Construction cost10 bn ISK

Project details

  1. Year2018 — 2022
  2. StatusOn site
  3. Partners C.F. Møller architects
  4. Client Landsbankinn
  5. Enquiries Helgi Mar Hallgrímsson
  6. Scope Workplace design

In line with the client's values

The new building for Iceland's largest bank, Landsbankinn in Reykjavik, interacts with the city and features architecture in close relation to the raw Icelandic nature and the city’s historic urban fabric. The building supports Landsbankinn's value of being in close interaction with the outside world, by creating a site-specific, eventful, flexible and efficient building that becomes an landmark for Reykjavik.

Inspired by Icelandic nature

The raw Icelandic nature, the volcanic basalt stone, the horisontal layers of the rock, and the atmosphere of the caves and clefts have been a source of inspiration in the design of the project. This approach runs from the exterior of the building’s through to its interior.

Flexible, efficient and open

The internal organisation of the building is aligned with Landsbankinn’s vision of an outward-looking public realm. The majority of the public functions are located on the ground floor along the building's façade, activating a new pedestrian street leading to Harpa Concert Hall. Internally, a sheltered public passage links these new facilities, becoming a new natural shortcut in the city.

The designs of the work spaces are primarily founded on a desire to provide the greatest possible flexibility and the office spaces are therefore designed as flexible, efficient and open workplaces, which allow for change over time.