Police HQ Laksevåg

Project information

  1. Location Bergen, Norway
  2. Area30.000 m²

Project details

  1. Year2023
  2. StatusDelivered
  3. Client Marin Eiendomsutvikling AS
  4. Enquiries Fidan Krasniqi

Attractive workplace in new city district

Nordic has developed a proposal for locating the new Bergen police headquarters in Laksevåg - an evolving city district is in the process of being transformed from an industrial wharf area into what we believe could be Bergen's best neighbourhood - a very exciting location for the new police HQ.

The building will become the workplace for approximately 800 employees, with significant potential for adaptation and future flexibility for the police. We placed great emphasis on health-promoting qualities such as daylight and connections to nature.

Enjoy the scenic views

We have infused a range of urban qualities into our design, with a steadfast commitment to maintaining an active and appealing public realm. Roof terraces will be available to the public for enjoying the panoramic views over Puddefjorden.

Optimising volumes

Harmonizing seamlessly with the local landscape, the building boasts an open and transparent street level façade that effortlessly blends into the cityscape from every angle. With a scale perfectly adapted to the surrounding area, the height of the structure ranges from two to eight floors, thoughtfully optimized to maximize sunlight and daylight conditions, ensuring a harmonious integration with the existing and future context.