Shunde Grand Opera House

Project information

  1. Location Shunde, China
  2. Area175.650 m²

Project details

  1. Year2020
  2. StatusCompetition proposal
  3. Partners Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design
    Theatre Projects
    Abstract Drawing Center
  4. Client Guangdong Shunde Central City Investment Development Co., Ltd.
  5. Enquiries Thomas Lindgård Fagernes

Past, present and future

Nordic's vision for the Shunde Grand Opera House was selected as the jury's winning design concept. The concept is a cultural hub rooted in the history of Shunde, with an active arena that looks towards the future. On the ground floor is a museum focusing on the past, while the next level contains spaces for contemporary performances. The academy on top will educate, inspire and foster future talent.

Beyond the brief

In the proposal, Nordic provided a range of opportunities from the grand public performance space in the main plaza, to more intimate outdoor performances on the roof and in the lobby, in addition to the three large stages outlined in the client’s program.

For the cultural centre, the team created spaces and stages for a wide variety of encounters and interactions, utilising the exterior of the building and surrounding landscape for exploration and events.

Shaped by water

Water symbolises life in Chinese culture and represents infinite possibilities. Rooted in the rich local culture of water, we have looked at the way the rivers have created the landscape of the site. Our conceptual approach was to shape the buildings as the river would have shaped it, creating soft flowing lines throughout.

The west building is The Shunde Grand Opera House, extrovert and facing the scenery with a large entrance plaza arena. The Creative Valley sits in the east building, centred around a green plaza where people meet and synergies between different creative professions can emerge.

Shunde Grand Opera House

Golden concert hall

The design of the grand concert hall draws inspiration from rice terraces, giving soft fluid lines with good sightlines towards the stage.

An intimate meeting place

As an intimate meeting place between the performer and the audience, the opera stage features a rich and luxurious interior with deep red seats sat against dark timber surfaces and patterned silk fabrics from the region, creating a warm atmosphere with local context. Each of the venues have dedicated elevated areas within the lobby, with capacity for all to operate simultaneously.

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Connected by a silky ribbon

The lobby balconies wrap around the concert halls like soft and airy silk ribbons, creating a fluid horizontal connection between the three performance spaces and the various balcony levels, complementing the organic design with a very elegant feel.