Trekløveret - The Trefoil

Project information

  1. Location Lisbjerg, Denmark
  2. Area10.200 m²

Project details

  1. StatusOn site
  2. Partners Norconsult
  3. Client Nordstern & Aarhus Kommune
  4. Scope Masterplanning
    Urban planning
    Residential design
    New Build
    Project management
    Visualisation (VIZ)
    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

A new sustainable neighbourhood near Aarhus

This new urban area in the outskirts of Aarhus is developed around three courtyards, forming a trefoil. The stalk - a green wedge, brings the area together and branches out into more local paths.

In the centre of the district, residents can gather in the town square for neighbourhood events, flea markets, communal dining and summer parties.

Social sustainability

The design of the residential area is not only focused on the technical aspects of sustainability, but also promotes fellowship between residents. Each courtyard has its own theme, so you are inspired to visit the other courtyards and get to know new people.

Lisbjerg is currently among Denmark's largest development areas and will have about 25,000 inhabitants and several thousand jobs when fully developed.

Green strategy

As part of the area's green strategy, buildings are designed to be easily disassembled and reused. The project will be DGNB Gold certified.