Ulsteinvik Masterplan

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  1. Year2020
  2. StatusPlanning
  3. Partners edit / atelier
  4. Client Ulstein kommune
  5. Enquiries Diana Cruz
  6. Scope Urban planning

A city for all ages

Ulstein municipality invited to a competition for participation in the parallel assignment for the development of Ulsteinvik - Ulshaugen and Holsekerdalen. The answer needed to be in line with the UN's sustainability goals as well as national and local goals for a climate-friendly societal development.

Our vision highlights the unique character of the existing city center, transforming it into a healthy, sustainable, vibrant and future-oriented district closely connected to the sea. The goal is a place that takes the needs of all citizens into account. Children should have good outdoor areas for play and activity, young people should have leisure activities, adults should be able to do everyday chores easily and efficiently, and the elderly should be able to move around safely and easily. From these needs, we have defined a functional program and strategies as a basis for implementation.

Meaningful and habitable for everyone

We start each project with a question; how can we create more meaningful and habitable environments for everyone? Ulsteinvik is truly an incredibly well-located city, and a user perspective requires that we take into account people's everyday life, health and well-being. Only by taking this perspective seriously do we believe one can develop sustainable societies where everyone can participate and contribute as well as experience being part of a community.

Within topics that have been important objectives for the parallel assignment we can highlight:

• Inclusive neighbourhoods, planning for the elderly and health in physical surroundings.

• Involvement and participation are necessary to bring about a change in behaviour.

• Experience of community and that you are part of something bigger is important to make joint efforts to change behaviour.

• Living local environment strengthens local activities and reduces transport to various functions.

• Multiple use of areas reduces the need for areas and reduces energy consumption for heating areas.

• Health promotion is an important part of the challenges of the future.