Ved Mølledammen

Project information

  1. Location Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
  2. Area3.800 m²

Project details

  1. Year2018 — ongoing
  2. StatusUnder development
  3. Client DADES
  4. Enquiries Mads Lund
  5. Scope Residential design
    New Build

DADES is committed to providing outstanding housing solutions designed specifically for seniors. Situated in an area of extraordinary natural beauty and unique landscapes, this development celebrates its close connection to significant natural assets, crafting an environment that seamlessly harmonizes with the surrounding natural splendor.

The new development in Kongens Lyngby comprises 56 residences seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape. Characterized by an organic shape and low building height, the design accentuates a harmonious connection with water, trees, and nature.

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A Green Approach

With its adjacency to Mølledam and the periphery of a green belt enveloping the city, our construction is attuned to the area's natural surroundings. Embracing the principles of nature, we've integrated green elements by allowing nature to interlace between and adorn the senior residences. This is manifested in the form of green rooftop gardens featuring mosses and ornamental grasses, harmonizing with the environment.

The green roof exhibits numerous inherent qualities, including its capacity to retain rainwater as the vegetation absorbs the flow. Surrounding the houses, these qualities are replicated, with shrubs, plants, and trees working in unison to offer natural drainage relief.