A dream by the water

Project information

  1. Location Farum, Denmark

Project details

  1. StatusDelivered
  2. Enquiries Sofie Peschardt
  3. Scope Residential design

Sommervej is about realising a family’s dream of a new, efficient place to live. A house that makes better use of the potential of the plot, and a place that provides an optimal frame for daily life.

Located only meters away from Lake Furesø, the plot falls under the Danish coastal protection act, and with protected forest also on the property, there were limitations to what we could do, but also unique opportunities to bring nature into the project in a meaningful way.

Enter the good life

Entering from the northern side of the property, you pass through wooded areas, including several protected beech trees. From here the terrain slopes down, where it opens up to an incredible view of Lake Furseø.

Our goal was to design a building that was simple and functional, with an energy efficient façade that would also blend into the beautiful nature in the area. A building with well thought out solutions that would make good use of the plot and provide its inhabitants with pleasant spaces to go about their daily lives.

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The defining light

The defining parameters of the layout was the view and the sunlight. The open plan kitchen and living room have large windows facing Furesø to make the most of the view. All living spaces are connected to the outside with large panoramic folding doors, inviting you out into nature. All windows, along with the roof, and the previous blue-painted facades were replaced, and a façade of iron vitriol treated oak slats was installed. The new façade will change and weather over time, further blending in with the surrounding nature. In addition to this, all floors were changed, along with all internal walls. A new kitchen and new bathrooms were also installed. The result is a home in respectful harmony with its surroundings, where the new addition and the existing build blend together into a new whole.

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