Ánaland summer house

Project information

  1. Location Bláskógabyggð, Iceland
  2. Area200 m²

Project details

  1. Year2015 — 2016
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Minimum Interior design studio
  4. Client Private
  5. Enquiries Sigurður Hallgrímsson
  6. Scope Residential design

Ánaland summer house is located on the riverbanks of Brúará in the South of Iceland. It is separated into two buildings to keep the scale more connected to the surroundings and to provide a sheltered outdoor space to enjoy. One of the buildings contain a shared space with large windows and includes the kitchen and living room, while the other is more private, containing bedrooms.

Bold and proud

The form of the house and the dark colour take inspiration from the surrounding mountains. The house does not try to hide away - instead it stands proud. The red colour in the hallway by the bedrooms, seen when approaching the house, is chosen to illustrate the boldness of the house.

Warm timber ceiling

In collaboration with interior design studio Minimum ehf, the materials inside were chosen for their connection to the surroundings but the wood in the ceiling as well as doors was added for warmth.

Transparent in nature

The large windows frame the view to the beautiful mountains and scenery to the west and north. From outside you can see straight through to the other side, making the outdoor and indoor feel whole and connected. One small window on the southern side is an interesting addition which shows the inhabitants how the sun moves throughout the day.