Bodø - Circular City 2.0

Project information

  1. Area3.000.000 m²

Project details

  1. StatusPlanning
  2. Partners BuroHappold
  3. Client Bodø Municipality
  4. Enquiries Diana Cruz
  5. Scope Masterplanning
    Urban planning

Sustainable ideas on a massive scale

Bodø Municipality has invited us for a parallel assignment to develop a new city in Bodø. In our vision, the existing airport area is transformed into a forward-looking new area with 15000 new homes and 20000 new jobs. A healthy, sustainable and vibrant place created to complement the existing city centre. We have established site-wide strategies and created toolboxes for circular synergies, providing Bodø municipality with tools that will help them to realize their goals and ambitions for this urban development in the coming 50-100 years. Bodø - Circular City 2.0 - is the result of an inspiring collaboration between Nordic, BuroHappold, Felixx and KOHT.

As the airport will be relocated, there are about 300 hectares to be transformed. The scale makes the impending process one of the biggest planning tasks in Bodø in recent times. Our vision is in line with the UN Sustainability Goals as well as the national and local goals for a climate-friendly social development. Collaboration and sharing key elements of the strategy and untraditional links between functions can provide synergies and added value for the entire city. We propose three circular identities for Bodø:

Sustainable industry and connectivity

Production of clean energy in interaction with other social functions and measures

Social robustness and adaptability

Workplaces created by new and innovative industries based on circular economy

Natural Knowledge

Establish an interaction with nature that provides good outdoor spaces, sustainable food production, experiences and knowledge.

Green mobility

Bodø’s mobility strategy calls for a change of attitude; from a car-driven city to a pedestrian-friendly city. By offering efficient routes between the city’s destinations, our goal is to get as many people in Bodø to choose walking and cycling instead of the car. To achieve this, an important focus for us has been optimizing the streets in the new city in terms of microclimate to make walking and cycling as comfortable as possible.

We hope our project provides inspiration and useful input to the municipality, the population and other shareholders.