Gaustablikk Café

Project information

  1. Location Tinn‚ Norway
  2. Area650 m²
  3. Construction cost6 mill NOK

Project details

  1. Year2010 — 2012
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Client Gaustatoppen Invest AS,
    Gaustatoppen Skisenter AS
  4. Enquiries John Arne Bjerknes

Mountain range

Gaustablikk café and ski shop, "Bygget", is situated right on the slopes of Gaustatoppen alpine village, offering hungry mountaineers local food and beverages.

Tactile timber

The client envisaged a building that would blend into the mountain terrain, but with a distinct signature. The solution was to construct a building with extensive use of different types of timber in combination with pre-fabricated concrete modules.

The primary structure is solid timber and the entire exterior is cladded in naturally varying wood paneling. This gives the restaurant a tactile quality as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Food with a view

The building incorporates, in addition to the restaurant, a shop, booking office and ski rental, creating a hub and a meeting place in the alpine village. The dining room looks out onto the majestic Gaustatoppen, which creates a stunning backdrop that adds value to the dining experience.