Haðaland Villa

Project information

  1. Location Reykjavik‚ Iceland
  2. Area320 m²

Project details

  1. Year2019 — 2021
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Berglind Berndsen (Interior architect)
  4. Client Private
  5. Enquiries Sigurður Hallgrímsson
  6. Scope Residential design

Modernist neighbourhood

Haðaland Villa is situated in the beautiful Fossvogsdalur valley in Reykjavík, in a modernist neighbourhood mostly built in the 1970’s. With its flat roof and modest forms the house complies well with the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Concrete and copper

The entrance to the house is from the pathway to the courtyard, which separates the house from the garage. Mainly a concrete structure, the house is clad in copper while the garage exposes its structural material. Some of the copper elements are extruded above the roof, adding height to some spaces.

Visual connections

In connection with the kitchen and living room, a patio extends the living area and provides a seamless connection between inside and outside. The patio can be closed off to create shelter from cold winds. Generous divider panels in timber on the inside and copper on the outside visually connects the exterior and interior.