Lines in the Landscape

Project information

  1. Location Aakirkeby, Bornholm, Denmark
  2. Area2.900.000 m²
  3. Construction cost7 mill DKK

Project details

  1. Year2016 — 2019
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners SYTE
    Ingeniør NJ Cph
    Nordea Fonden
  4. Client Bornholms Regionskommune
  5. Enquiries Henriette Fischer Juhl
  6. Scope Landscape design

Lines in the Landscape was nominated for the Danish Landscape Award 2019 and the World Landscape Award 2020.

Opening Our Eyes to a Geological Landscape

Lines in the Landscape serves as a connective thread between people, landscape, and cultural heritage. This 10 km-long adventure trail guides visitors through a landscape situated on the periphery of the Fennoscandian Marginal Zone, showcasing petrified seabed and remnants of volcanic activity that span 1 billion years of cultural and natural heritage.

A highlight along the route presents a unique and captivating experience: the revelation of a fault line in the subsoil. On one side, there's sandstone, and on the other, granite—a geological fault line that extends over a billion years. This geological phenomenon adds an extraordinary dimension to the journey, allowing visitors to witness the enduring impact of time on the landscape.

Experience Points on the Route

The route features strategically placed seating platforms designed to communicate the area's unique geological history and facilitate a deeper connection with nature. These platforms are crafted as singular units, lifted into place, and situated on slender point foundations. This design not only imparts a floating and lightweight appearance to the platforms but also ensures their replaceability or removal with minimal impact on the landscape.

The information boards on these platforms are created by NaturBornholm and form an integral part of the museum's communication efforts. By seamlessly integrating informational content with the natural surroundings, the platforms serve as educational vantage points, enriching the overall experience for visitors.

Commitment, Movement, and Dialogue

Commitment and perseverance have been instrumental in propelling the project forward, serving as a testament to how the mobilization of local networks and collaborative efforts by professionals and local stakeholders can profoundly influence a city's cohesion and appeal.

The vision was introduced through a phased strategy, with a focus on the distinctive points along the route and an overarching path that encourages both visitors and citizens to embark on an exploration of the landscape from Aakirkeby and NaturBornholm. The trail's realization has been made possible through voluntary agreements with landowners whose properties the trail traverses, demonstrating the power of community collaboration in bringing such initiatives to fruition.

The project was developed in collaboration with Bornholms Regionskommune, NaturBornholm, Sydbornholms Turist- og Erhvervssammenslutning, the steering group, Ingeniør NJ Cph, and contractor KH Maskinværksted in Rønne. The initiative is supported by the Nordea Foundation, highlighting the crucial partnerships between regional authorities, local organizations, engineering professionals, and private contractors in bringing the project to fruition. This collaborative effort demonstrates a collective commitment to enhancing the region's landscape, cultural heritage, and overall appeal.

Another of the route's highlights is Klintebakken - a dramatic edge of granite that, as a landscape manifestation, emphasizes the fault line between northern Bornholm's granite bedrock and southern Bornholm's flat arable land on sandstone bedrock.

In addition, there are a number of small quarries from the Middle Ages, burial mounds from the Bronze Age and the fantastic Læsåen river valley and slopes - which can be experienced and are made visible through the paths and platforms. In total, Linjer i Landskabet covers an area of approx. 290 ha.

Additional highlights along the route encompass a petrified seabed, offering a glimpse of millions of years-old petrified sand frozen in undulating, fluid-like patterns. Explorers may also encounter a petrified jellyfish, a captivating relic from the distant past. Moreover, small holes created by petrified sandworms add further intrigue to the geological tapestry, providing a fascinating glimpse into the intricate and ancient processes that have shaped the landscape over time.