Húsafell house

Project information

  1. Location Húsafell, Iceland
  2. Area125 m²

Project details

  1. Year2019 — 2023
  2. StatusCompleted
  3. Partners Rut Káradóttir
  4. Client Private
  5. Enquiries Sigurður Hallgrímsson
  6. Scope Residential design

The summer house is located in Húsafell in the West of Iceland, beautifully situated within nature in complete privacy and peace. The only neighbour you can hear is the stream running nearby. The shape of the building provides a sheltered outdoor space, opening towards to the west and overlooking the mountains beyond.

Open but sheltered

The house consists of three rectangular masses. Two of them are joined together, the larger containing the living space, an open-concept kitchen together with guestrooms while the smaller mass is more private, housing the master bedroom with a beautiful view. Connecting these two masses is the entry foyer opening to a sun deck that leads to the third and final mass, a sauna with a hot tub on the side.

Warm and welcoming 

For the interior, we collaborated with Rut Káradóttir. We chose materials for their warmth and comfort to create a relaxing space for observing the magnificent natural environment in which you find yourself immersed.

Blending with nature 

The scale of the house combined with the use of timbre and a green roof allows the project to interact with the natural colours of the surrounding landscape.